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Welcome to the Verily Shakespeare Gallery

Welcome to the home of the first museum-quality bust of the true Shakespeare! A fierce scholarly debate has begun to tilt away from the tourist-filled streets of Stratford-upon-Avon toward the scandalous nobleman Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, Lord Great Chamberlain of England – and rumored lover of Queen Elizabeth the First. Busts representing the immortal bard grace thousands of mantels and desks in homes and universities around the world. More than a thousand degreed academics, several U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and a host of prominent writers, artists, and thinkers are now openly declaring that these busts which depict the Stratford glovemaker’s son known locally as Will Shaksper, perpetuate a myth, a stand-in, a convenient front created to protect an aristocratic poet who could not afford to be seen as the author of these politically charged works.

Isn’t it time that the world sees the True Bard in all his brooding brilliance?

The debate will likely rage for some years yet as the old guard of the Stratford establishment are gradually replaced by younger scholars not burdened with indoctrination of an obsolete paradigm. In the meantime, a dynamic entrepreneur named Ben August decided it was time to offer the world a world-class sculpture of the man behind “Shakespeare’s” profound gift to humanity. Upon examining the evidence in depth, he became convinced of the Earl of Oxford’s authorship of the Shakespeare works, and commissioned world-renowned California artist Paula Slater to create a masterpiece to honor a master. This stunning work of art is now available to the world here at Verily Shakespeare. It is our hope that Shakespeare lovers the world over will come here with an open mind to explore this rich and fascinating story, and to decide for themselves if this centuries-old mystery has at last been solved.

For newcomers to the authorship question, we also provide links to websites on both sides of the question, as well as to neutral sites, such as The Shakespeare Authorship Coalition, which advocate deeper study of the question. Important Shakespeare updates and an opportunity to engage in courteous debate are available on our blog.

Topping the list of important news is the release of a world-class documentary on Edward de Vere, produced by globally prominent filmmaker Roland Emmerich (whose breakthrough film “Anonymous” brought the De Vere story to the screen for the first time). Directed by two leading scholars and artists of the authorship movement, and accompanied by meticulously prepared teaching materials which meet national educational standards in the US, this compelling film will be an invaluable resource for years to come.

Alarmed at the advancing cause of the upstart Earl of Oxford, the defenders of the Stratford establishment are increasingly on the defensive, as seen in the recent “Mock Trial Challenge” issued by the Shakespeare Authorship Coalition to the venerable Stratford Birthplace Trust, offering to donate 40,000 British pounds to the Birthplace Trust if it can prove beyond doubt that the Shaksper of Stratford wrote the works attributed to him. The gauntlet has been thrown down! As of this writing, however, it has not yet been picked up….

Here you will also find the latest news and updates as fascinating new evidence appears in this amazing story. Our blog features announcements by top scholars in the field, with spirited debates by authorities both pro and con. Our gift shop offers a wide array of high-quality items, all of which can spark engaging debates on this endlessly fascinating issue.”

Look to us also for news of upcoming Shakespeare-related events, such as the Annual Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship Conference.

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